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About EarthKnowSys


EarthKnowSys is an environmental science technical service and operations company. Contractible services include resource inventory, resource monitoring; environmental instrumentation; instrument maintenance; geospatial data collection (GPS); geospatial analysis (GIS); project hand-labor and equipment operations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support researchers and land managers in projects that contribute to informed stewardship of environmental systems, natural resources, and conservation landscapes. The Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, more specifically to provide operations, support, and technical expertise for natural resource projects on public lands, areas with sensitive resources, and conservation properties.


The goal at EarthKnowSys is to provide high quality, timely, and professional services for natural resource projects. The philosophy at EarthKnowSys is to sufficiently cover business expenses while providing high quality services to contacting entities.